Compex Rental

Compex Rental


An exceptional Rehabilitation Tool


Designed for athletes who workout every day, SP 8.0 is the class-leader in terms of electrostimulation.


* Conditioning  
Endurance. Resistance. Strength. Explosive Strength. Overcompensation. Ankle twist prevention. Cross-training. Core stabilisation. Hypertrophy. Muscle building. Potentiation. Warm-up. Capillarisation. 

Pain management  
Pain management TENS. Reduce muscle tension. Muscle pain. Neck pain. Back pain. Lumbago. Epicondilitis. Tendinitis. Heavy legs. Cramp prevention. 

Muscle atrophy. Reinforcement.

Recovery / Massage  
Training recovery. Competition recovery. Relaxing massage. Reduce muscle soreness. Reviving massage. 

Firm your arms. Tone your thighs. Get a 6-pack. Get stronger biceps. Build your shoulders. Build your pecs. Firm your stomach. Shape you buttocks.  Body power. Lymphatic drainage.